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This is the first glass art work by Okubo Ryu, an artist active in Japan and abroad with a focus on illustration and animation. Based on his line drawings, the glass artisans created each piece by hand.

Each piece is made by blowing the hot glass through a hollow rod to give it form.

The piece "Sappy Goose" uses the motif of a bird to give it a commanding interior presence. The curves and humorous expression are delightful, and this object has a universal appeal that will not fade over time.


W120mm x H280mm x D200mm
*When measured from the front






Japan (KakiZaki45: Ebetsu, Hokkaido) 



Wooden Box 



> Because they are handmade, there are individual differences in color, pattern, shape, and weight.

> There may be trace impressions of the nozzle used in blowing.

> We do not guarantee that there will be no wrinkles or scratches on the surface of the glass, or that there won't be any difference in color, pattern, shape, or weight And there may be air bubbles or black spots (iron particles) inside the glass.
We hope you will enjoy it as a part of the handmade texture.



>Scheduled for early January 2021.
*As each item is made by hand by a craftsman, the delivery date is subject to change depending on the status of the order.
After confirming the situation above, we will provide you with an estimated delivery date.


>Shipping cost
Nationwide flat rate: 2,050 yen (excluding some areas)
Okinawa: 3,040 yen
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan: 15,000 yen
Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia: 15,500 yen
Indonesia: 17,000 yen
U.S. ,Canada, Mexico: 22,000 yen
India, Australia, New Zealand: 23,000 yen
Germany, United Kingdom, Italy: 32,000 yen
Brazil, Argentina, ColombiaUnited, Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey: 34,000 yen
Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, South Africa: 42,000 yen
*The shipping cost will vary depending on your order.

About Ryu Okubo | オオクボリュウ

With a focus on Iillustration and animation, he has worked on music videos, magazines, advertisements, apparel and interior design.
His method of expression changes from simple line drawings to airbrush, watercolor and digital, depending on the theme and interests at that time.
Solo exhibition "Like A Broken iPhone | IPhone Cracked" (2016, CALM & PUNK GALLERY).
His work has been shown in exhibitions such as GRANDMOTHER (2016, TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS), a two-person show with Kenichi Miyazawa (magma). In 2019, he published a picture book with KAKATO (Zhinza Dopeness, Kan Roy), Mainichi Nooshii (Bronze-Shinsha).

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