Jello Ghost (White)


Based on the sketches made by ancco, Hitoshi Kakizaki, a craftsman at glass studio 45 Studio, created each piece by hand using a method called “Free Blowing”. After repeated trial and error, he managed to get it just right.

The gradation, a mixture of pink, gold, and silver-blue, changes color and shade depending on the degree of force used in blowing or changes in the kiln, so that no two pieces are the same.

Various colors, such as shimmering metallics and overlapping colors come together like the aurora borealis, whose appearance is defined by the the angle. The transmission of light is beautiful.

It can be used as a flower vase as well as a beautiful objet.


W140mm x H210mm x D110mm
*When measured from the front

Color (Body): White






Japan (KakiZaki45: Ebetsu, Hokkaido) 



Wooden Box 



> Because they are handmade, there are individual differences in color, pattern, shape, and weight.

> We do not guarantee that there will be no wrinkles or scratches on the surface of the glass, or that there won't be any difference in color, pattern, shape, or weight And there may be air bubbles or black spots (iron particles) inside the glass.
We hope you will enjoy it as a part of the handmade texture.



>Scheduled for early January 2021.
*As each item is made by hand by a craftsman, the delivery date is subject to change depending on the status of the order.
After confirming the situation above, we will provide you with an estimated delivery date.

>Shipping cost
Nationwide flat rate: 1,830 yen (excluding some areas)
Okinawa: 2,490 yen
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan: 15,000 yen
Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia: 15,500 yen
Indonesia: 17,000 yen
U.S. ,Canada, Mexico: 22,000 yen
India, Australia, New Zealand: 23,000 yen
Germany, United Kingdom, Italy: 32,000 yen
Brazil, Argentina, ColombiaUnited, Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey: 34,000 yen
Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, South Africa: 42,000 yen
*The shipping cost will vary depending on your order.

About ancco | あんこ

With illustration at the core, ancco has worked as an artist, editorial designer, and graphic designer for both local and international brands since 2011.

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