The Mud Vomiting Fish and The Fisherman


An artist who has presented sculptures while crossing various materials against the background of religious artistic expressions and motifs.・ Duplicate sculpture by Yosei Ohno.

This work is based on his own drawings. Expressions by hard polyurethane resin and painting aimed at existence like hobby.

Limited edition of 3.


140 (width) X 250 (height) X 135 (depth)


Lacquered hard polyurethane resin


Japan (Tokyo)


Special wooden box

Individual cardboard box


  • This work will be delivered in one.
  • Because they are handmade, there are individual differences.
  • You cannot choose the edition number.



As it is made to order, it may take about two and a half to three months after your order.
After confirming the above situation, we will inform you about the delivery schedule.



>Shipping cost
Nationwide flat rate: 2,050 yen (excluding some areas)
Okinawa: 3,040 yen
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan: 15,000 yen
Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia: 15,500 yen
Indonesia: 17,000 yen
U.S. ,Canada, Mexico: 22,000 yen
India, Australia, New Zealand: 23,000 yen
Germany, United Kingdom, Italy: 32,000 yen
Brazil, Argentina, ColombiaUnited, Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey: 34,000 yen
Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, South Africa: 42,000 yen
*The shipping cost will vary depending on your order.

Yosei Ohno | Haruki Ohno

In 2017, completed the sculpture course in the Department of Fine Arts, Graduate School of Art and Design, Musashino Art University.
Major exhibitions include 2017 solo exhibition "EXODUS" (Gallery, 2017 solo exhibition "HOAX" (Tokyo Zokei University gallery mime), 2018 solo exhibition "NEIGHBOR" ( Shirotabashi Nado gallery DEN5), 2018 group exhibition "About the community" (URANO), 2018 group exhibition "TRACTOR BEAM vol.1 ataxia" (Geiyado), 2018 group exhibition "small good things" (HAGIWARA PROJECTS), There are 2019 group exhibition "Orientation of arms, position of knees" (gallery TOWED), 2019 group exhibition "TRACTOR BEAM vol.2 -TALISMAN-" (WALLA).

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